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Welcome to our renewable energies website offering alternative energy sources.

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We have upgraded to a Flexware System and curently de-activated the fishbowl logging.

Click on the OUTBACK LINK below for the new system data


The fishbowl program logs solar data so viewers can see the data in live parameters. The file transfer protocol program uploads a current snap shot of the data every minute. So you can see the most current solar data from the array.

To update the image use your "refresh" button on your browser and the image will update. Remeber that the image is updated every minutes so refreshing ore frequentlly will only give you the current image and not the newest image.

Some key terms to understand the terminology:

  • Fishbowl - Is the name of the logging software developed by Solarguppy.
  • Ambient - Ambient temperature is the process where the enclosed space within the solar array system increases in temperature due to the reaction to create electricity. Lower temperature is better.
  • Heatsink- A component designed to lower the temperature of an electronic device by dissipating heat. Lower temperature is better.
  • Volts AC - Current AC grid voltage being produced
  • Volts DC - Current DC grid voltage being produced
  • Maximium Power Point Tracking (MPPT) - Maximium Power Point Tracking . The array voltage that the inverter's algorithm has determined to produce the maximum power
  • Peak ACW - Peak output watt level for the current day
  • HZ - AC frequency
  • Amps DC - DC array current
  • Online Today - Total time the inverter has been online for the day
  • Watts AC - AC watts being generated
  • Watts DC - DC watts being generated
  • EFF - Inverter efficiency to convert DC power into AC power. (Efficiency generally ranges between 85-94%)
  • Whr Today AC - Total watt hours produceed for the day
  • kWh Lifetime AC - Total kilowatt hours produced
  • Comm 1 - Serial port connection to the logging computer which is connected through our network to a FTP connection to provide live upink data


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