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Welcome to our renewable energies website offering alternative energy sources.

ZipZone Technologies

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ZipZone Technologies offers a complete line of components for residential and commercial applications. Renewable energy power systems using solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, wind generators, inverters, batteries and energy related products for. Everything for your grid intertie, off-grid, remote, or back-up emergency power needs. We can help you design and implement the power system that is most appropriate for your energy needs and situation. Turn-key packages also available. Generating electricity using your own small renewable energy system fits the circumstances and values of some home and small business owners. Although it takes time and money to research, buy, and maintain a system, many people enjoy the independence they gain, and the knowledge that their actions are helping the environment.

A renewable energy system can be used to supply some or all of your electricity needs. Some people, especially those in remote areas, use the electricity from their systems in place of electricity supplied to them through the grid by power providers (i.e. electric utilities). Others connect their systems to the grid and use them to reduce the amount of conventional power supplied to them through the grid. Connecting your system to the grid allows you to sell any excess power you produce back to your power provider. The renewable energy technologies available for use today include photovoltaics, small wind turbines, and very small hydropower ("microhydro") projects. These technologies can be used by themselves, they can be combined, or they can be used in conjunction with a fossil fuel generator to meet your particular needs.

You should consider solar electric power because it is a clean, sustainable, reliable and a low maintenance energy source. Under certain conditions can be designed to be used as a clean back-up power. It is power generation right at the source of the sun since there are no fossil fuels, pollution, noise or moving parts, a power technology that can be built right into building roofs, facades, canopies and windows. more details ..... (more)


Fronius IG 2000

  • Input 150-450 VDC
  • Output 212-264 VAC
  • 1800W Capacity

Xantrex - GT 3.0 Grid Tied Inverter

  • Input 195-600VDC
  • Output 240VAC
  • 3000W Capacity



Sharp - NE-170U1 Solar Module

This multi crystal 170 watt module features
14.4% encapsulated cell efficiency and 13.1%
module efficiency.

  • 170 Watt
  • 34.8 Volt
  • 4.9 Amp

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People buy clean energy generation systems for a variety of reasons, such as a desire to:

  • reduce pollution
  • stabilize electric costs
  • lessen dependence on fossil fuels
  • increase self-reliance
  • increase local jobs & economic development
  • preserve natural resources
  • make a long-term commitment to the planet's future
  • strengthen energy security & long term affordability
  • alternative investment to CD's
  • for some it is a pure economic matter where they are looking for a specific return on investment.
  • what are your reasons for considering solar photovoltaics?


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